Wednesday, 14 May 2014

♥ Why does it always rain on me? ♥

♫ "Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was seventeen..? Why does it always rain on me? Even when the sun is shining, I can't avoiding the lightning.." ♫ - Travis

-Skip this paragraph if you don't care about reading SL family happenings- 
I lost a family member in Second Life yesterday.. and it has kinda felt a bit like a death in a weird way. I thought they were awesome, but their lies just got too much. If they ever read this, which is doubtful, then I'm sorry I cut you out.. but I had to for my own sanity. Maybe if you apologised to my mum for what you have done and waved a white flag in defeat and admit you screwed up and why you tried to cover your tracks.. maybe we can talk some day. But, since I don't see that happening and you've tried not to contact me since I removed you from my friends list etc.. I guess you don't care all that much.

And with that depressing tidbit out the way, I have to show off this cute look I put together! I love it. The whole outfit was based around this super cute rain coat outfit I picked up from Babysteps, found at Style Me. I put some adorable lady bug geek glasses on from Tiddleywinks (if you can't see there's little lady bugs all over the frames.. cute!) and a red umbrella from Cute Bytes (that I got near Christmas) went with it perfectly. Even my nails from CutieCakes are covered with little lady bugs! I went a little lady bug mad.. although I keep wanting to call them lady birds. Here in the UK lady bugs are called lady birds.. don't ask me why.. I personally think lady bugs makes more sense!

 Outfit: Lady Bug Raincoat - Red from Babysteps (Style Me)
Hair: Katie Mesh Hair - blonds pack from Wasabi Pills
Bracelet: Charm Ladybug from Petite Bowtique (closed in world now)
Glasses: Ladybug Nerd Glasses Red from Tiddleywinks
Umbrella: My snowy Umbrella - Plain Red from Cute Bytes (no snow active)
Nails: Lady bug RARE from CutieCakes
Pose: Umbrella 6 from .click.


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