Monday, 15 June 2015

♥ Let It Go.. to the beach ♥

It's getting on for 9am here and I've still not been to sleep yet. I've been feeling very anxious about.. well.. everything and it's kept me awake! It's kind of irritating that I can't get my mind to rest, so that's why I'm filling my time catching up on some blogging.. so, here's the second post of the day. 

Check out my swimsuit from Flutters, loving the funky design on it and the vibrant colours. It is very pretty and perfect for the beach.

Ooh.. hurry on down to Hello Beautiful before the next round starts to snatch up some of the goodies I'm showing off in this post. 

There's some awesome visors in a gatcha from ToddleTeeZ, at Hello Beautiful, in a variety of colours and styles. I'm rocking the "Sea La Vie" visor. The name of it is even cute! These are a must have accessory for your outdoor adventures, whether it be at the beach or somewhere else entirely.

I have on an adorable foot jewelry thing from Turducken, available in a gatcha at Hello Beautiful right now. I honestly wanted them all, but funds are extremely low at the minute so I had to settle for just two. I got this purple one and a navy one. 

Lastly how adorable is this towel (in the last picture of mine) from snaphappy? You can get it at Hello Beautiful too. I was lucky enough to get the rare first try... that like never happens to me! I was satisfied with it and decided to stop there. I would have loved Ariel too though. Not only do these towels look ridiculously cute they have a bunch of poses built into them.

Think I might try to lay down and sleep now.. 

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Zoi Swimsuit from Flutters
Hair: [01] Things from Magika
Visor: Visor - Sea La Vie from ToddleTeeZ 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Foot jewelry: Foot Jewelry - Purple {B} from Turducken 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Ring: Ombre Ring from Yummy
Ring: Ice Cream Scoop Ring - Strawberry from tsg
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Towel: Beachy Fairytale Towels - Elsa RARE from .snaphappy. 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Poses: Innocence 2 and 3 from .click.

Special thanks to Flutters and ToddleTeeZ

♥ Fall ♥

I know my blog hasn't been getting a lot of attention lately and I'm really sorry for that, but things have been really busy in real life and I've been unwell to boot so it's not been the best of times for me. At least there's plenty of ToddleeDoo bloggers out there who have been blogging away while I've been gone. Sooo many new ones too.

Anyways, I've got this new skin and shape set to show you from Purretes which is available at Hello Beautiful right now. It's called "Nayade Skin & Shape" and it comes with a lot of different options... including: lashes, dimples, all sorts of freckles, blush, sunscreen and sunburn. There's even light and dark brows included and the shape is completely modifiable (but it's a really cute petite shape which should only need minor tweaking in my opinion. Personally I'd probably only make the eyes slightly bigger and the lips smaller, but I think shapes are unique to people and you might like it just how it is) It even comes with alpha layers for your lips so you can have your mouth open (3 different options!) I've included a picture of the HUD at the end of this post too so you can see the options and see that it's mesh head compatible.

It's funny the stuff you pull out of your inventory that you totally forgot you had and bought ages ago, like these pjs.. I decided I wanted to create a silly pose to go with them.. so tada.. this is what I came up with. I had a lot of fun creating it and I hope I made someone smile.

Happy shopping! ♥

 Outfit: TD Footies - Swan Princess (B) from Vicarious Youth
Hair: Poseidon's Gal (Glamorous Blondes Pack) from Clawtooth
Skin and shape: Nayade Skin & Shape from Purretes 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Ring: Ice Cream Scoop Ring - Strawberry from tsg
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Pose: My own (will be at Awwdorable soon hopefully)

Special thanks to Purretes

Monday, 8 June 2015

♥ Shopaholic? Me? ♥

I've been busy experimenting in Blender today, thought it would take my mind off my extremely painful tooth extraction site. I've been popping painkillers like there's no tomorrow.. even taking ibuprofen and paracetamol together, it's still agony! I've booked an appointment to see the dentist in a couple of days.. so hopefully it gets better before then so I don't have to go! Anyways, yeah, I've been dealing with the headache of making my own mesh in order to distract me from my pain.. I've given up for now though. I uploaded 6 or so different models to the beta test grid and each time found a new part that was clipping into my body on the clothing.. so I gave up for now and decided to blog instead. At least I understand how to do that!

So.. anyways.. I haven't blogged Heffalumps in a while, so today I decided I'd pull out an adorable outfit from Heffalumps called "Tribal Lion" there's a lion on the shirt (which is hidden by my awesome sign from Intrigue Co. which is available at The Arcade right now) I love the texture work on the pants in particular!

Check out this cute new mesh head (Baby Mesh Head #3 - MINA) from Cute Bytes, which you can grab at Hello Beautiful right now. As usual it comes with a HUD that you can change your facial expressions with.. change your mouth and your eyes for all sorts of fun face combinations and these heads make for some amusing snaps. You can even get a skin for it from Cute Bytes at this round of Hello Beautiful too, it's called "Mimi Skin" which I have on with it. It will work with any other mesh head compatible skins though. 

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Tribal Lion from Heffalumps
Shoes: Lil Rose Barefoot Sandals TD Baby Tiffany from Noodles
Hair: My love - Blonds from Tableau Vivant
Mesh head: Baby Mesh Head #3 - MINA from Cute Bytes 
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Sign: Most Wanted: Shopaholic from Intrigue Co. (The Arcade - June 2015)

Special thanks to Heffalumps, Cute Bytes & Buglets 

Friday, 5 June 2015

♥ I'm back! ♥

Hey everyone!

It's been a little while since my last post but that's because lots was going on in real life.. mostly being the fact that I moved house. While it's still a sea of boxes everywhere.. at least I have an Internet connection and can get online when I'm not busy with house stuff. 

I decided to do a picture for The Arcade, which ended up being this blog post.. figured why not combine the two?! I was supposed to not be blogging this round of Hello Beautiful.. but a couple of days ago I had a tooth extracted in real life and I'm feeling pretty miserable so I figured that I'd pull out some of the goodies from Hello Beautiful and put them in this post in an attempt to cheer me up. Plus.. who can resist when lovely creators still drop their items on me despite the fact that I was supposed to be out of this round!

First up I have the ABRONZATISSIMA SunBurn - Tattoo from Cute Bytes (available at this round of Hello Beautiful) to talk about. I'm wearing it in the pics below.. it comes with a HUD and several face options so you can choose a setting which fits you best. I'm wearing the red one, because when I get burnt I go red and it's usually really painful and peels.. and then I don't tan. Other choices included are carrot, hot and tan. Perfect for the upcoming hot weather.

These awesome Glam Summer GLASSES from *BABY* are HUD activated and have 8 different lens tints to choose from (clear through to black) and you can pick from a choice of 10 frame colours! What a bargain! They have pretty little flowers on the frames too. Very stylish! You can grab your pair at this round of Hello Beautiful right now. 

I'm sitting here blowing bubbles in my awesome Bubble Pipe from Tikkels. There are 3 different kinds available at Hello Beautiful: pink, dot or blue (which I have on) They're a funky little accessory.. lay back and enjoy the sun and blow some bubbles while looking cool.

My nails are painted with Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets, which have a HUD with 6 different colours to pick from. I've got on the lightest blue ones, but there's a few different summery colours and one is bound to suit you. These are available at Hello Beautiful now too.

Lastly from Hello Beautiful (for this post anyway) are these epic wearable pools from Tic Tot Toe. Lots of different colours to choose from and because they're wearable you don't need to have rez rights anywhere.. just wear and lounge around in the pool anywhere you like! I love that it has a silly little walk in it too if you try to walk with it attached. So cute. There's a video at the end showing it off, courtesy of Tic Tot Toe. I'm loving chilling out in my pool.. now.. where's the waiter? I need another refill!

There's lots of stuff from The Arcade in my pic too.. see full credits below and come like this pic on flickr too for me please! I'd love to get noticed for The Arcade at least one time. Ooh click the pic too for a larger version.

Happy shopping everyone! ♥


 Outfit: Jessie Bikini Set [hat included] from Petite Bowtique
Hair: Honest [01] from Magika
Sunburn: ABRONZATISSIMA SunBurn - Tattoo from Cute Bytes 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Sunglasses: Glam Summer GLASSES from *BABY* 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Pipe: Bubble Pipe Blue [b] from Tikkels (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Pool: Cool Pool Baby (Blue) from Tic Tot Toe (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Dragon pet: Solstice Dragon - Infinite Light from Half Deer 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Panda shoulder: Pandaz Gacha - Cherrysoda Panda from TMC 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Hippos: Pygmy Hippo 10 - Frog floatie, Pygmy Hippo 11 - Chillin', Pygmy Hippo 9 - Duck Floatie, Pygymy Hippo 12 - Wiggle Wiggle, Pygmy Hippo - Mystery, Pygmy Hippo 2 - Icepop Dealer, Pygmy Hippo 1 - It's only juice!, Pygmy Hippo 3 - Selfie from MishMish (The Arcade - June 2015)
Bears: Rachel Bear RARE, Julio Bear, Gee Bear, Roscoe Bear, Daisy Bear, Buddy Bear, Sandy Bear, Larry Bear, Lost Bear and Dave Bear from BoOgErS 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Floaties and swim stuff: Walrus Floatie, Nessie Floatie, Fishy Swim Board and Duck Mask from Snips & Snails (The Arcade - June 2015)
Alpaca: Alpaca Pal - CottonCandy from Atomic (The Arcade - June 2015)
Bear burger: The Long Ride - Bear Burger from O.M.E.N 

Special thanks to Cute Bytes, *BABY*, Tikkels, Buglets and Tic Tot Toe

Thursday, 21 May 2015

♥ Life's a Beach ♥

I know, I know.. I went to the beach yesterday - but I really needed to go again to work on my tan. My SL mummy will die laughing at that statement considering she knows the real me and has seen me and knows how ghostly pale the real me is. I'm not even kidding, I'm like almost translucent in places. 

Anyways... if you know me you'll know that real life has been crazy with my move. I've been deep in paperwork, packing and having meetings with various people to get my mortgage sorted out. If you don't have a mortgage, it's confusing as hell.. and not something to just walk into. They like to make it all as complicated as possible.. if you do go to do it, grab yourself an awesome mortgage adviser. I paid a guy to help us get the best deal etc.. he is pretty awesome actually and knows all his stuff and without him we would be so lost. As of today, my removal company is set to move our stuff on the 4th June. I have a tooth extraction on the 3rd June.. yeah.. ouch. Our contracts have not yet been exchanged so I don't really know where we are yet.. hopefully our conveyencer will receive our signed deed tomorrow and get the ball in motion. Without the contracts being transferred we're pretty clueless as to when we can move in and are just guessing.. we went ahead and pre-booked to be on the safe side. I'm so hoping we get the keys earlier than that so we can go in and paint a bit.. as there's one horrible bogey green room that I need to sort out before my eyes bleed. 

So.. here I am at the beach trying to forget all the real life grownup stuff and just run around being a toddler. It took me a while to find a nice beach.. especially one that would allow me to rez! I love people watching on Second Life. When I'm out scouting for locations to take pictures at I crawl past a lot of strange and wonderful people. Sometimes they talk to me other times they do not. Today I chuckled to myself as there was a man on the beach dressed head to toe in black leather and huge clunky boots. If that was real life he'd have been waaaaaaaaay too hot to wear that! He stood there staring at the sea in all his noob glory, wondering why no woman would talk to him. Okay, I made that up.. I don't know what he was thinking or anything.. but he did look kinda nooby. 

My lovely vintage swimsuit is from Babysteps and it's available at Le Petit Faire right now. There's a few different colours to choose from.. but naturally I picked pink. It's on the higher end of the price scale at 150L$ but I'm guessing that's because it's original mesh? It's very cute though and worth the lindens.. I particularly love the front panel texture work. Oh and it fits both baby and kid ToddleeDoo's!

I'm wearing a whole bunch of accessories from ToddleTeeZ today too. I have on a pink charm necklace, which is available at this current round of the Sidewalk Gacha. I have the matching pink charm anklet on too.. The bracelet I have on is from this current round of Hello Beautiful, which is going to be ending soon, so go grab them quick.. they're birthstone bracelets. I have on the April one, as that's when my birthday is in real life and the fact that the stones go with pretty much anything. Ooh I have on pink wormie earrings, they are super cute! They are little worms on a hook and it even comes with a cute little worm for your nose. I have on a silver hearts toe ring from ToddleTeeZ too. All of that awesomeness is from ToddleTeeZ, definitely a store you need to check out.

My knee tattoos are at Hello Beautiful right now, they're from the awesome Tic Tot Toe. So many different ones to get.. I have on the shark ones. They seemed appropriate for the beach! 

Outfit: Vintage Swimsuit (Pink) from Babysteps (Le Petit Faire - May 2015)
Shoes: Baby Glam Sandals from *BABY*
Hair: Vida - light blondes from Truth
Sunglasses: Heartglasses 1 RARE from Tikkels
Earrings: Wormie Earrings - Pink from ToddleTeeZ
Necklace: Charm Necklace Pink from ToddleTeeZ 

(Sidewalk Gacha - May 2015)
Bracelet: Birthstone Heart Bracelet April from ToddleTeeZ 

(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Knee bandaids: Shark Band Aids from Tic Tot Toe 

(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Anklet: Charm Anklet Pink from ToddleTeeZ
Toe Ring: Silver Hearts Toe Ring from ToddleTeeZ
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Pose: Diva - Diva 4 from .click.
Lounge chairs and umbrella: 
Plush lounge chair yellow stripes x2, Plush lounge umbrella yellow stripes
 from [Cosmic Dust] (Le Petit Faire - May 2015)

Special thanks to ToddleTeeZ


Wednesday, 20 May 2015

♥ Day at the beach ♥

I've been so incredibly busy in real life with all things grownup and boring. I've been so stressed with it all and haven't been able to log into Second Life at all since my last post.. so I'm glad today I got a little time online.

I decided to go to the beach and look for seashells, because they're pretty and I thought it'd be a fun thing to do on my down time. Of course I had to look cute while on my beach adventure! I opted for an adorable swim set from ugly duckling, which is available at this round of La Boutique. There's less than a week left at this event, so if you've not been yet.. now is a good time to go before a new round starts. 

My pretty necklace and anklet are from ToddleTeeZ and they match! The necklace is available now at The Sidewalk Gacha event over on the NGI sim. I think the anklets are in store now, as they were a past event item.. but if you got any of those anklets these necklaces match them perfectly! Great time to get a matching set.

I got myself a new hair for my beach adventure too, called "RIN", which is from Argrace. It comes with a rigged and unrigged version.. and the unrigged works for us and shrinks down amazingly well. It is a pretty ponytail with a colour change headband.. I'm happy I grabbed it.

Outfit: MissBeach Suit [Rose] from ugly duckling (La Boutique - May 2015)
Hair: RIN - Blondes from Argrace
Necklace: Charm Necklace - Princess RARE from ToddleTeeZ 
(Sidewalk Gacha)
Bracelet: Nautical Hand Stamped Bracelet - Hold Fast Silver from .trinket.
Anklet: Charm Anklet - Princess RARE from ToddleTeeZ
Earrings: Bella Earring [Silver-Tourmalline] from Buglets 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Pose: Beach Loot from .click.

Special thanks to ToddleTeeZ

Saturday, 16 May 2015

♥ Sweet Dreams ♥

Last post of the night before I drift off into dream land myself and try to get a good nights sleep..  that way I can be fresh for packing tomorrow. 

These vintage jammies are just adorable! They are a fabulous collaboration from Bad Seed Boutique and Turducken and are available right now at La Boutique. They come in lots of different colours.. I'm showing off the purple ones (I know, shock horror I didn't pick pink for once!) The other colours you can get are: Blue, Cream, Mint, Peach and Pink. These pjs fit both baby and kid ToddleeDoo's too, yay! The mesh is unique and I love the ruffle effect, it's just a gorgeous design and the texture work is superb! They make an amazing team and I can't wait to see what else they come up with. 

I am really proud of this picture too!☻

Don't forget this round of Hello Beautiful is still going on, so if you've not been over there yet be sure to check it out.. there's lots of amazing items from great designers! There are even gatchas there for you gatcha addicts. The earrings I'm wearing from Buglets are from a gatcha, loads of different colours to collect.

Please click the image to view a larger version. Happy shopping everyone! ♥

  Outfit: Vintage Jammies/Purple from Bad Seed & Turducken 
(La Boutique - May 2015)
Slippers: Animal Slippers (Unicorn) RARE from *BOOM*
Hair: Poseidon's Gal (Glamorous Blondes Pack) from Clawtooth
Earrings: Bella Earring [Silver-Tourmalline] from Buglets 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelids: Mesh Lids and Lashes from Slink
Nails: Rainbow Glitter Stripe Nails from Awwdorable 

Special thanks to Bad Seed Boutique, Turducken


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