Monday, 8 June 2015

♥ Shopaholic? Me? ♥

I've been busy experimenting in Blender today, thought it would take my mind off my extremely painful tooth extraction site. I've been popping painkillers like there's no tomorrow.. even taking ibuprofen and paracetamol together, it's still agony! I've booked an appointment to see the dentist in a couple of days.. so hopefully it gets better before then so I don't have to go! Anyways, yeah, I've been dealing with the headache of making my own mesh in order to distract me from my pain.. I've given up for now though. I uploaded 6 or so different models to the beta test grid and each time found a new part that was clipping into my body on the clothing.. so I gave up for now and decided to blog instead. At least I understand how to do that!

So.. anyways.. I haven't blogged Heffalumps in a while, so today I decided I'd pull out an adorable outfit from Heffalumps called "Tribal Lion" there's a lion on the shirt (which is hidden by my awesome sign from Intrigue Co. which is available at The Arcade right now) I love the texture work on the pants in particular!

Check out this cute new mesh head (Baby Mesh Head #3 - MINA) from Cute Bytes, which you can grab at Hello Beautiful right now. As usual it comes with a HUD that you can change your facial expressions with.. change your mouth and your eyes for all sorts of fun face combinations and these heads make for some amusing snaps. You can even get a skin for it from Cute Bytes at this round of Hello Beautiful too, it's called "Mimi Skin" which I have on with it. It will work with any other mesh head compatible skins though. 

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Tribal Lion from Heffalumps
Shoes: Lil Rose Barefoot Sandals TD Baby Tiffany from Noodles
Hair: My love - Blonds from Tableau Vivant
Mesh head: Baby Mesh Head #3 - MINA from Cute Bytes 
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Sign: Most Wanted: Shopaholic from Intrigue Co. (The Arcade - June 2015)

Special thanks to Heffalumps, Cute Bytes & Buglets 


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