Friday, 5 June 2015

♥ I'm back! ♥

Hey everyone!

It's been a little while since my last post but that's because lots was going on in real life.. mostly being the fact that I moved house. While it's still a sea of boxes everywhere.. at least I have an Internet connection and can get online when I'm not busy with house stuff. 

I decided to do a picture for The Arcade, which ended up being this blog post.. figured why not combine the two?! I was supposed to not be blogging this round of Hello Beautiful.. but a couple of days ago I had a tooth extracted in real life and I'm feeling pretty miserable so I figured that I'd pull out some of the goodies from Hello Beautiful and put them in this post in an attempt to cheer me up. Plus.. who can resist when lovely creators still drop their items on me despite the fact that I was supposed to be out of this round!

First up I have the ABRONZATISSIMA SunBurn - Tattoo from Cute Bytes (available at this round of Hello Beautiful) to talk about. I'm wearing it in the pics below.. it comes with a HUD and several face options so you can choose a setting which fits you best. I'm wearing the red one, because when I get burnt I go red and it's usually really painful and peels.. and then I don't tan. Other choices included are carrot, hot and tan. Perfect for the upcoming hot weather.

These awesome Glam Summer GLASSES from *BABY* are HUD activated and have 8 different lens tints to choose from (clear through to black) and you can pick from a choice of 10 frame colours! What a bargain! They have pretty little flowers on the frames too. Very stylish! You can grab your pair at this round of Hello Beautiful right now. 

I'm sitting here blowing bubbles in my awesome Bubble Pipe from Tikkels. There are 3 different kinds available at Hello Beautiful: pink, dot or blue (which I have on) They're a funky little accessory.. lay back and enjoy the sun and blow some bubbles while looking cool.

My nails are painted with Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets, which have a HUD with 6 different colours to pick from. I've got on the lightest blue ones, but there's a few different summery colours and one is bound to suit you. These are available at Hello Beautiful now too.

Lastly from Hello Beautiful (for this post anyway) are these epic wearable pools from Tic Tot Toe. Lots of different colours to choose from and because they're wearable you don't need to have rez rights anywhere.. just wear and lounge around in the pool anywhere you like! I love that it has a silly little walk in it too if you try to walk with it attached. So cute. There's a video at the end showing it off, courtesy of Tic Tot Toe. I'm loving chilling out in my pool.. now.. where's the waiter? I need another refill!

There's lots of stuff from The Arcade in my pic too.. see full credits below and come like this pic on flickr too for me please! I'd love to get noticed for The Arcade at least one time. Ooh click the pic too for a larger version.

Happy shopping everyone! ♥


 Outfit: Jessie Bikini Set [hat included] from Petite Bowtique
Hair: Honest [01] from Magika
Sunburn: ABRONZATISSIMA SunBurn - Tattoo from Cute Bytes 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Sunglasses: Glam Summer GLASSES from *BABY* 
(Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Pipe: Bubble Pipe Blue [b] from Tikkels (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: TD Summer Ombre Nails from Buglets (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Pool: Cool Pool Baby (Blue) from Tic Tot Toe (Hello Beautiful - June 2015)
Dragon pet: Solstice Dragon - Infinite Light from Half Deer 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Panda shoulder: Pandaz Gacha - Cherrysoda Panda from TMC 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Hippos: Pygmy Hippo 10 - Frog floatie, Pygmy Hippo 11 - Chillin', Pygmy Hippo 9 - Duck Floatie, Pygymy Hippo 12 - Wiggle Wiggle, Pygmy Hippo - Mystery, Pygmy Hippo 2 - Icepop Dealer, Pygmy Hippo 1 - It's only juice!, Pygmy Hippo 3 - Selfie from MishMish (The Arcade - June 2015)
Bears: Rachel Bear RARE, Julio Bear, Gee Bear, Roscoe Bear, Daisy Bear, Buddy Bear, Sandy Bear, Larry Bear, Lost Bear and Dave Bear from BoOgErS 
(The Arcade - June 2015)
Floaties and swim stuff: Walrus Floatie, Nessie Floatie, Fishy Swim Board and Duck Mask from Snips & Snails (The Arcade - June 2015)
Alpaca: Alpaca Pal - CottonCandy from Atomic (The Arcade - June 2015)
Bear burger: The Long Ride - Bear Burger from O.M.E.N 

Special thanks to Cute Bytes, *BABY*, Tikkels, Buglets and Tic Tot Toe


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