Wednesday, 22 October 2014

♥ Beary Awesome ♥

Check out this adorable outfit from Heffalumps. I love it, just so cute! It comes with the sweater and shorts set, copper bracelet, copper bangle, bobble hat, socks HUD and boots. It fits ToddleeDoo baby avatars. I love the little bear on the sweater, he's so sweet.. and not only that but it's textured really well. 

Still wearing the Little Rose skin from Little Nerds, it's so cute and very baby like (at least I think so) it goes really well with my baby teeth too. 

I'm posing with an old bear I got from Birdy/Alchemy and my very first mesh creation (the bear) he's a bit nooby but I'm still super proud of him.

Click image to view larger version ♥

 Outfit: Beary from Heffalumps
Hair: [01] Little from Magika
Necklace: Fairytale Necklace - Anastasia - Gold from tinyOWL
Bracelet: Eternity Bracelet rose brown from Izzie's
Ring: Bear silhouette ring - rose gold from .trinket.
Ring: Popsicle Ring (L) from Yummy
Bear: Forest Babies - Bear Cub - Sun from Birdy/Alchemy
Skin: Little Rose skin from Little Nerds
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Nails: Candycorn Nails from Turducken (Tricky Treats Gatcha Village)
Pose: Kawaii - Kawaii 2 (m) from .click.
Bear beside me: Bear I made

Special thanks to Heffalumps and Little Nerds


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