Tuesday, 29 April 2014

♥ Birthday Girl ♥

So, it was my RL birthday on the 27th. Thank you to my epic family for celebrating it with me in SL and for all my gifts I got. I received tons! I was so spoilt on my birthday it was unbelievable. Special thanks to mummy, daddy, grandma Mena, grandma Kalli, ZoZo, Cayden and Riley. Thank you guys so much.. you all rock.

This is the outfit I wore on my birthday, it's so pretty and special, it's from tinyOWL. It's so nice it didn't really need accesorizing, it just owned all by itself. We ended up going to Magicland, I've been there goodness knows how many times.. but I still love it. For once though I ended up meeting a character there.. usually there's none on when I go. Elsa from Frozen was there! I got my picture with her too. See below.

Also.. random, but the night before my birthday daddy, Grandma Kalli and Grandpa Bear all took me to play minature golf.. oh my god, I've never laughed so much. My new favorite word was "wedge" and I somehow managed to hit my ball two holes over.. good times.

 Outfit: Spring Princess Dress - LIMITED EDITION! from TinyOWL(Ever After)
Hair: Fleur - Blondes from Truth Hair
Necklace: Fairytale Necklace - Elsa - Silver RARE from TinyOWL (Ever After)
Binky: Ultimate BinkyBoo-heart from oh Daisies (sadly store is closed)
Pose: Innocence (1) from .click. (Pose Fair)

Below: Elsa from Frozen and I at Magicland 


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