Monday, 19 May 2014

♥ Girl Gamer ♥

I play games sometimes.. don't you? As soon as my friend ZoZo spotted this awesome outfit from Tic Tot Toe and showed it to me, well, I just had to have it. There's even a version for gamer boys too! Also you can wear it with just the headset or with the epic cap that says GAMER on it (sadly you can't see that in the pic.. I'd have had to have my camera at a funky angle for you to see that) But this outfit is perfect for you little gamers.. what better statement outfit to show what you have a passion for.

I haven't really been hardcore gaming like I used to.. I recently bought the newest Sim City, that's about as far as my gaming goes at the moment (and I'm absolutely hopeless at it) Who has time to do a whole lot of gaming when they have a whole other Second Life to worry about anyways? I sure don't these days!

 Outfit: Gamer Girl from Tic Tot Toe
Hair: Sweet [01] from Magika
Pose: Preppy - Preppy 3 from .click.


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