Wednesday, 7 May 2014

♥ Hey-ho-here-she-go! ♥

My title today comes from the song I was listening to while I was putting this together.. I never know what to call my posts.. maybe I'll just start listening to music while I blog and whatever is on will be the title. lol.

Okay, these jeans from Minuet are so awesome. I think I got them last round at the Family Flea Market.. three pairs were in the pack and they rock. I teamed them with a pink hoodie from Snips & Snails. Cute little look I think.. I spent ages getting this panda pop from emm at Woodland, so naturally it had to be featured.

As you can see the kitties I blogged last time haven't left my side yet.. they are too cute!

Hoodie: Pullover Hoodie - Pink from Snips & Snails
Jeans: Flare Mesh Jeans - ALL - Light from Minuet
Shoes: Funky Boots - Lace Powder from Marmelade
Hair: Lottie - blondes from Truth
Kitty 1: Sassy Cat - B - Mao from Alchemy/Birdy (May Chapter Four)
Kitty 2: Sassy Cat - G - Grumpy RARE from Alchemy/Birdy (May Chapter Four)
Necklace: Fairytale Necklace - Anastasia - Silver from tinyOWL (Ever After)
Ring: dolphin silhouette ring - rose gold from .trinket. (May Woodland Gatcha)
Watch: CottonCandy Watch (pink) from CutieCakes (May Woodland Gatcha)
Panda pop: Mister panda pop from emm (May Woodland Gatcha)


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