Friday, 9 May 2014

♥ Light as a bubble ♥

Ever want to be able to just disappear? Or be as light as a bubble and soar high above everyone else? To be that light and perfect? I don't think I can ever shake those feelings.. they just grow with time, no matter what I do. I can feel totally lonely too in a room full of people because nobody knows what it's like to be me.. nobody understands me.. the people I feel closest to are the people as messed up as I am and those people only exist online, lurking in places we both know we shouldn't really be. I am my own worst enemy and the internet just fuels the fire.. just back off reality and let me be that bubble. I know you love me but sometimes I want you to just stop caring.. let me do this. Let me be. Let me be that bubble.

What prompted such an obscure post? Well.. I just spent this morning crying my eyes out because I watched a movie that really pulled on my heart strings and made me question everything that goes on in my head.. and in turn it has left me a broken mess today. A huge part of me wants to be that bubble and float away.. to be that light.. that carefree. Then reality hits and that bubble is popped. It's funny what things can jolt you back to reality, even if for a moment. For me, it took a movie.. but it will be short lived and everything will go back to how it was as soon as I have to face myself once more.. which will no doubt be as soon as I get up.

So.. I present a toast.. to bubbles.. and shall nobody ever pop yours.

Outfit: Chenile Purple from Baby Pie
Hair: Fleur - blondes from Truth
Necklace: Dancer Paris TD Jewelry Set Purple from Candii Kitten Kids
Ring: Octopus silhouette ring - silver from .trinket. (May Woodland Gatcha)
Pose: Pretty Bubbles from .click. (Pose Fair 2014)


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