Monday, 20 October 2014

♥ After Hours at the Psychedelic Sweet Shop ♥

I absolutely love this lollipop crazy outfit from Tic Tot Toe called, "Lollipop Guild" - it inspired me to put together this scene.. which my real life fiance called the "Psychedelic Sweet Shop" so I ran with it as a title. It's very rare he gets any input into my blogs, but when I asked him his opinion of my picture and those words tumbled out of his mouth.. well.. tonight I decided it was genius and I had to use it.

Anyways, as I was saying.. this epic outfit from Tic Tot Toe fits both baby and kid ToddleeDoo avatars. Yay! It comes with so many goodies too.. you get the overalls, sneakers, under shirt HUD, lickable lollipop, glasses, propeller cap, ring and tongue! An amazing full set of awesome sauce. I liked how I could resize the glasses and lollipop to fit me by sticking a resize script in as they were modifiable. Yay for modifiable things! Too often something won't fit me right and I can't stick a script in it to fix it.. and that makes me grumble.. but I didn't have that problem with this outfit.

I'm also wearing a pink lollipop stun halo from Plethora, which was at the Candy Fair (which is over now, sadly, but you can still grab these things I got from their in world stores probably - but don't quote me on that!). Anyways, the stun halo goes off when anything hits you, which is pretty neat and reminds me of cartoons.. or you can edit it and make it not transparent (like I did) and it's on all the time.

 Outfit: Lollipop Guild from Tic Tot Toe
Hair: [01] Meadow from Magika
Necklace: Bottle Cap Necklace - Silver {Sunshine} from Bebe'Licious
Candy on back: Candy Crusher (blush) from BOOM
Lollipops head: Candy Stun Halo - Pink Lollipop from Plethora
Skin: Little Rose skin from Little Nerds
Nails: Rock candy nails ToddleeDoo from Petite Bowtique
Pose: Playful - Playful 4 from .click.
In background: Sugar Friends from Lost Junction 

Special thanks to Tic Tot Toe and Plethora


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