Saturday, 4 October 2014

♥ Anchored ♥

Absolutely loving this dress from Little Nerds. This dress comes with cute  braided sandals (which are rigged) and mesh under shorts, it also fits both baby and kid sized ToddleeDoo's.. bonus! Love the fact that it's monochrome too.. well.. black and white. So many clothes for us kiddy-winks comes in bright colours or pastels, makes a nice change of pace.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really dig the whole nautical theme. It gives me an excuse to go find new exciting places to pose at.. this picture was taken under the Inspire Space Park (which I had no idea existed) The space park has been around for years, but I didn't know under it was a beach.. today I learned. I loved that weird looking tree in the background, it's not normal for a beach, so that's where I decided to stand.

I thought I'd break up the Halloween-esque posts a bit with this, so you don't get totally sick of me bombarding you with them. 

I don't think I've ever worn this hair before.. I've had it in my inventory for ages and I didn't think it ever looked right with my skins, but today I think it actually works. 

Anyways, I'm in a very bloggy mood today, so stay tuned for a few more posts very soon.. this is my second one of the morning. It's almost 4am here, but considering I somehow managed to sleep all night and then wake up for the morning.. then go back to sleep in the afternoon until a couple of hours ago.. the time is kind of irrelevant! Thinking about it, not even sure why I mentioned it.

Going to make a cup of tea now before my next post..

Outfit: Heart Anchor Dress Outfit - TD from Little Nerds
Hair: Odette - Blondes from elikatira
Necklace: Fairytale Necklace - Ariel - Silver from tinyOWL
Bracelet: Nautical Hand Stamped Bracelet from .trinket.
Ring: Seahorse Silhouette Ring - Silver from .trinket.
Skin: Baby Mikki from Bad Seed Boutique
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Drippy Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Pose: Sweet - Sweet 4 from .click.

Special thanks to Little Nerds


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