Wednesday, 5 November 2014

♥ Cara Llama ♥

So.. I'd like you all to meet my Llama. Cara. Cara Llama. -Giggles like crazy- You can thank my mummy's new date for that name, as he came up with it.. and it's stuck now. Plus it's kinda funny.. and the more I hear it now, the more I laugh. At first I said it was a proper dad joke.. ie: bad. But it's growing on me like a fungus. Anyways, this cute llama is from Half Deer, you can find them at the Xiasumi School Festival (upstairs in the big building.. third floor up I think)

My outfit today is from Little Nerds.. and it speaks to me.. sometimes I'm very girly and other days, like right now I'm not. I think I have a healthy balance between the two extremes most of the time, but some days I just want to go full on tomboy.

Again, I'm wearing more items from the Hello Beautiful event. Including these pretty silver eyes from Bad Seed Boutique.. and this epic black face tattoo (which is rare) and black nose star both from Tic Tot Toe. I like these because they can be very unisex too.

How cute are all the things I picked up from Xiasumi School Festival? I absolutely hated the layout of the sim though.. so beware.. there's stuff all over the place and the main building was cumbersome to navigate. It was also majorly laggy, but that's pretty normal for a new event.. but considering how spread out everything was it was almost to the point where I felt like I was walking through glue.

Anyways, my llama already got a mention.. this adorable cat on my head from Tentacio needs a mention too.. I love cats and this was definitely something that made me smile when I saw it. MishMish have this adorable little critter companion there too.. I'm not entirely sure what it is, but it's super cute. I also got myself the rideable version too, cos you know... awesome!! Both of these can be found at the Xiasumi School Festival.

I've waffled on enough.. enjoy my llama.. and an old school flash from the past song at the end of this post.. it just seemed too fitting not to post, plus it is stuck in my head as I write this. ♥

Outfit: Tomboy Shirt & Faded Blue Jeans - TD from Little Nerds
Shoes: Classic Wheelies from Made With Love (Woodland Treasures Gatcha)
Hair: Marin - Blondes from Wasabi Pills
Cap: Cap (TD) from LTT
Backpack: Zoo Backpacks - Panda from Apple Blossom
Necklace: Animal Neclace Kids 'Gray Wolf' from Bokeh (hidden by top)
Bracelet: Eternity Bracelet rose brown from Izzie's
Ring: Kitty Ring - Silver from [tea.s]
Lunch box: Lunch Box Pink from BoOgErS (Xiasumi School Festival)
Head cat: My lazy cat from Tentacio (Xiasumi School Festival)
Chocolate drink (held): MILKY Man Chocolate from ANE 
(Xiasumi School Festival)
Llama: Lovely Little Llama - Rainbowfuzz from Half Deer 
(Xiasumi School Festival)
Other critter: Mochiboo Companion - Sakura from MishMish 
(Xiasumi School Festival)
Skin: Baby Mikki from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyes: Kawaii Eyes/Silver from Bad Seed Boutique (Hello Beautiful)
Face paint: Black Face Paint RARE from Tic Tot Toe (Hello Beautiful)
Nose star: Black Star Nose from Tic Tot Toe (Hello Beautiful)
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Zipped Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable (Hello Beautiful)


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