Friday, 28 November 2014

♥ These Days ♥

Ahh! These last couple of days have been super busy in real life.. so I'm very sorry that I've not posted! Today wasn't much better either what with the "Black Friday" sale business going on. It's somehow managed to work its way over to the UK which means lots and lots of craziness.. I've been online shopping the sales but I know that it's been manic in the shops.. people fighting (almost to the death) over items. I saw a video of one woman literally clinging to a television while someone else was trying to carry it out of the shop.. she wanted it for herself. My sister and I have joked it's the closest thing we're gonna get to our own real life "Hunger Games"

Second Life has been crazy with sales today too! I popped over to Minuet and Just Kidding to grab some "Black Friday" bargains.. but I know they're not the only two stores participating. I didn't want to spend too much though because of "The Arcade" starting. Oh.. the shopping guide is out for that now if you wanted to peek!

Okay, so onto the outfit I'm wearing today.. I have this adorable "Flower Love" outfit to show you from Little Nerds. It's comprised of a pretty top and white leggings, which will fit both baby and kid ToddleeDoo avatars. It should be noted that it doesn't come with shoes, however, sometimes it's great when an outfit doesn't come with shoes because it gives you options then.. and it also allowed me to break out these boots that were just sitting in my inventory doing nothing because I had nothing that went with them.

Also check out this amazing skateboard I'm standing on from SugaBees. I absolutely love it. I love the texture of this board too.. and the fact that it's resizable simply by stretching it means no messing around with scripts! This particular one is LIFE compatible, but there's ones for other HUDs (including Little Minders) and you can also get it so it's not compatible with any HUD too if those aren't your thing. It has two awesome tricks you can perform in it too.. and it's real easy to maneouver with. All you need to do is press the arrow keys on your keyboard and away you go.. tricks are easily achieved by pressing the page down and page up keys (although don't hold down page up for too long or you'll end up flying) The boards come in a variety of designs too, but this one is awesome.. a really funky looking board, perfect for those days when you just wanna skate the day away in style! 

Song at the bottom of this post has been stuck in my head ever since I saw them doing their cringey "dad dance" on the X Factor. They really shouldn't dance. 

Outfit: Flower Love - Shirt & Leggings - TD from Little Nerds
Boots: RARE Vintage Flower Set from Dash of Dulce
Hair: Prue - Hud.1 from Chemistry
Glasses: "NymNym" Flower Glasses from Tiny Trinkets
Necklace: SweetHeart Necklace - Pink from tsg
Ring: Ice Cream Scoop Ring - Strawberry from tsg
Ring: Doughnut Ring from Yummy
Bracelet: Bicycle bracelet - silver from trinket
On back: Candy Crusher (blush) from BOOM
Skin: Baby Mikki from Bad Seed Boutique
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Candy Cane Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
(coming to Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Fairy: Dandelion Fairy [Companion] from !Ohmai
Skateboard: [LIFE] Skateboard - Eiko Monkeys from SugaBees

Special thanks to Little Nerds, Tiny Trinkets and SugaBees


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