Monday, 1 December 2014

♥ Hello Beautiful - Round 2 - Part 2 ♥

-Wipes sweat from brow- Phew.. I told you I'd get around to showing off more stuff soon. It's been a long hard day, I'm tired... so this will probably be it for today and I'll continue showing off some more tomorrow. 
It's been a bit manic what with it being Cyber Monday, so I've been shopping real life sales online.. it also took me 3 hours to get into The Arcade (but it was totally worth it!) I also went over to Woodlands Gatcha and All the Little Things.. so I've been busy busy busy. I put out some of my Arcade extras here if you're interested (just click the here bit)

Lots of pictures in this post, so as usual please click for a larger view.. and full credits, as always, can be found at the very end of the post. ♥

Anyways.. up first we have a totally adorable mesh head from Cute Bytes, which you can find at this round of Hello Beautiful. Just when I thought the mesh heads couldn't get any more cute this one comes out. This one is called "Baby Mesh Head #2 - BOOBOO" and is a bargain at the promo price of 199L$. It's compatible with skin appliers for ToddleeDoo and even comes with a tattoo. If you can recall the last one I blogged was animated.. well.. so is this one! I love how there's even gestures that work with it which will trigger the facial animations off.. or you could just click the HUD too, which is really easy to work out. 

I'm wearing an adorable new outfit called "Emily" from Minuet. I'm wearing the pink from the pastels pack.. you know what I'm like, pink crazy. I teamed it with some awesomely cute mittens from Minuet too, which you can find at this round of Woodlands. I love this outfit so much, it's pretty and can be easily turned into a wintery look too.

Next up I'm sporting winter face and breath from Little Nerds, which you can grab at this round of Hello Beautiful. The winter face is so cute, truly makes you look like you've been out in the cold for a while. The winter breath is pretty awesome, every so often you'll "breathe" and because of the cold you'll see your breath! I tried numerous times to catch this in action so I could upload a picture to show you all, but I failed spectacularly.. but trust me.. it's epic. I'm also wearing "Doll Eyes - Ice Blue Winter" from Little Nerds, which are at Hello Beautiful too. 

I've gone Little Nerds overboard with this look, since not only am I wearing all that and a skin from Little Nerds.. but I'm wearing a really funny Christmas outfit from Little Nerds too. It's called "Potter Christmas Outfit" and the text on the front made me giggle. It's hard not to sing it out loud.

I'm also rocking an awesome hat from Tiny Trinkets. Not only is it incredibly festive being a santa hat but it has sounds in it! I won't spoil it more than that.. but it's great! ♫

Next we have some more items from Hello Beautiful. This time from Twig. I'm wearing cute antlers, skin with brows and freckles, an eyebrow shaper, eyes, lashes and teeth all from Twig. I love the little freckly face this skin has.. it's lovely. 

I'm wearing a very wintery outfit from Viv.a! Kids called "Kids Tula Winter-White" it comes with sweater, pants HUD and the really cute pink boots. It fits baby ToddleeDoo's. I had to team it with mittens from Minuet again (this time pink ones) because they're just really pretty and go really nicely with snuggly warm looks like this.

Last but not least nails from my own store, Awwdorable, which can be found at the Hello Beautiful event right now. The candy cane nails are 100L$ for a set of 8 and the Christmas Nails are only 25L$ a go! Cheap as chips! 

 Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post. Happy shopping everyone! ♥

 Outfit: Emily Outfit - Pink (Pastels) from Minuet
Boots: Beige Snuggie Sock Boots - Snow from just kidding
Hair: Prue - HUD 1 from Chemistry
Headband: Reindeer Headband from Sugar and Spice 
(Free Gift @ Woodlands December 2014)
Mittens: White Mittens from Minuet (Woodlands December 2014)
Cloud: Winter Whimsy - Cloud of Eternal Snow from Half Deer 
(The Arcade December 2014)
Flying piggy: Pink Pigasus Piggie Wiggie from Schadenfreude 
(The Arcade December 2014)
Mesh Head: Baby Mesh Head #2 - BOOBOO from Cute Bytes 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
In background: [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Penguins from ISPACHI
(The Arcade December 2014)
Pose: Classic - Classic 5 from .click.

Outfit: Potter Christmas Outfit - TD from Little Nerds
Boots: Snowball boots from Snowflake Designs
Hair: Sweet [01] from Magika
Hat: Tiny Sant helper -Girl (Music Hat) from Tiny Trinkets
Ring: Kitty ring silver from [tea.s]
Skin: Little Rose from Little Nerds
Eyes: Doll Eyes - Ice Blue Winter from Little Nerds 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Winter face and breath: Little Winter Face 
w/Winter Breath Particle from Little Nerds 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Candy Cane Nails from Awwdorable (Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Pose: Sassy - Sassy 1 from .click.
Pose: Gentle - Gentle 3 (m) from .click.
Pose: Gentle - Gentle 5 (m) from .click.

Outfit: Kids Tula Winter-White from Viv.a! Kids
Mittens: Pink Mittens from Minuet (Woodlands December 2014)
Hair: the Darla Hair - HUD 1 from Olive
Antlers: Kawaii Antlers - Classic - RARE from Twig 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Skin: Peachie Skin - Brows/Fecks from Twig 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Eyebrow shaper: Eyebrow Shaper - 1 from Twig 
(Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Eyes: Sparkly Eyes - Blue from Twig (Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Teeth: Teeth - Perfect Teeth from Twig (Hello Beautiful December 2014)
Lashes: Flutter Lashes - 1 from Twig (Hello Beautiful December 2014)
In background: [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Polar Bears from ISPACHI  
Pose: Cutesy - Cutesy 5 from .click.
Nails: Candy Cane Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
Nails: Christmas Nails Gatcha from Awwdorable 

Special thanks to Cute Bytes, Minuet, Little Nerds


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