Wednesday, 11 March 2015

♥ Under Your Spell ♥

Warning.. incoming wall of geekery (skip this paragraph if you just want outfit info!)

My favourite TV show of all time celebrated 18 years since it's original air date yesterday. 18 years! I can't believe it has been that long since "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" graced our television sets. It doesn't seem that long at all.. 
I have all kinds of geekery that I've collected over the years to do with my love of the show too.. VHS, DVDs, books, games, figurines to even a chess set (which I can't actually play, but at one point I just bought anything that was to do with the show!) 
My love of the show began when a male friend I had at the time pointed out that I looked a lot like Buffy. I had no idea who this Buffy person was so I had to look it up.. I then found that my foster mothers daughter also thought I looked like her and was shocked I didn't know who she was.. it just so happened that she was a huge fan of the show (by that point it wasn't too far in) so she loaned me the first season boxset on VHS. I burned through those tapes in a few days, I was hooked! My long love affair with the show began. 
Funny story time.. when I met my boyfriend (well, now fiancee) he asked me what I did as a job.. I panicked.. because I don't have one as I'm on disability in real life and didn't want to have to tell him all my problems from the offset.. so I said "I'm a Vampire Slayer" - I dunno what possessed me.. my friend who I was with at the time thought it was hilarious though. Turns out he thought I was a bit weird but he liked that about me.. even to this day he has me as Bu on his phone as he nicknamed me Buffy in his head, but didn't want to put that into his phone so he put "Bu" - he still calls me that too.. nobody has any idea that it's spelled that way and that's what he means though. 
Anyways, I could go on and on about the show and how it has resonated with my life in a bunch of ways.. we share so many similarities it's freaky. I'm not a Vampire Slayer though and I'm British.

Anyways, the point of that wall of text of fandom was because this amazingly cute and spellbinding "Bunny Magic" outfit from ToddleTeeZ made me think of the song from the episode "Once More With Feeling" that was on Buffy. I've linked it at the end of the post for your listening pleasure. You can find this outfit at this current round of Woodlands. There's so many pieces to collect to make up this gorgeous outfit, but it's totally worth it for the fantastic look it creates. I'm particularly loving the animated wand that hovers over your head and emits sparkly particles. Cute! Even the ears are sparkly.. and who doesn't love sparkles?!

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Bunny Magic from ToddleTeeZ (Woodlands - March 2015)
Hair: Celestia - Blonds from Tableau Vivant
Skin: Kandy Skin - Normals - [BlB Freckles] from Babysteps
Teeth: Teeth from Bad Seed Boutique
Nails: Black Kitty Nails from Awwdorable
Stage: Circus Stage Castle 13 LI common blue from Candy Cloud (The Circus)
Pose 1: Kids - 01 from Purple Poses
Pose 2: Card Trick from Abby Lane
Pose 3: 4 rabbit in the hat from the pose shop (Woodlands - March 2015)
Pose 4: Playful - Playful 5 from .click.

Special thanks to ToddleTeeZ, Babysteps and Bad Seed Boutique


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