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♥ Up is where we go from here ♥

*Warning, depressing block of text ahead.. skip it if you just want the outfit info!

Tomorrow it's Mothers Day in the UK. It's a difficult day for me.. in real life my mother passed away when I was 17 years old.. after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. I watched her deteriorate in front of my eyes and towards the end she was bedridden, couldn't move anything but her head and she didn't even know who I was. 
I loved her dearly. She was my best friend.
It's been a while since she died, seeing as I'm almost 29 now, but the pain doesn't disappear, it doesn't lessen. I didn't think I'd function after her death, we all knew it was coming and I was sure that I'd end up in a vegetative state not wanting to do anything. Life goes on though.. it's hard and painful, but it does go on. You have to. 
At the end of this post I'm linking to a song my sister and I picked that was played at her funeral. I can't listen to it without crying, so I probably won't be listening.. but I wanted to share. 
So this post is dedicated to my mother and anyone else who reads this who has lost their mother too.. and up is where we go from here. ♥

What better way than to go up than this awesome balloon ride (in picture #3) from Plethora. You can find this "Balloon Voyage" at The Liason Collaborative from the 15th March 2015 until 10th April 2015. 
You steer with your usual arrow controls and when you go up, the balloons on the side inflate.. and it even has sounds! I feel like I'm in the film "UP" when I sit in this.. so the title of the post only seemed right. It's 16 land impact.. you rez it out and sit on it (anyone can sit on it actually, not just the owner) so although it's fairly high on land impact, this is something you'd bring out once in a while for a fun little trip, not something you'd leave out.. unless you really have those prims to spare!

Have you been to La Boutique yet? If not, you should definitely go. I picked up so much cute stuff there.. including this adorable jumper from new store BunBun. There's actually several styles to pick up. I grabbed a few of the pink ones I liked! Because.. pink! I will be blogging more from that event soon.

I searched all over marketplace to find a pair of trousers that would go with my jumper.. and found these epic ones from Turducken. You get two pairs.. the colour you picked and a plain white pair - which worked out awesomely for this look. I love the 3D bubble bits on the bottom of the legs, so cute.

My hair is a group gift from Love Soul. There was (annoyingly) a large fee to join the group.. and even more irritating you have to wait around for your letter to appear on the group lucky board to obtain this style. I spent a few days in Love Soul waiting for my letter.. my mummy kept me company most of the time while I stood around waiting.. when it finally came around I was so excited! Then I realised it wasn't even the colour I wanted this style in! I waited for my letter to appear again.. and then ended up with this colour pack. It's still not the shade I want, but it'll do until I can be bothered to wait around again for the blonder shade. It's a super cute style though and was definitely worth the wait.


Jumper: Kawaii Sweatshirt {Pink Floral Cat} from BunBun 
(La Boutique - March 2015)
Pants: Sera Leggings - Pink from Turducken
Shoes: Kawaii Shoes from Bad Seed Boutique 
(Limited 50 Item so probably no longer available!)
Hair: Hair*Kyary*Pack-E [Gold Blonde] from Love Soul (Group Gift)
Bracelet: My Love Braclet and Ring Set-Silver (Darks) from A.D.D Andel!
Skin: Kandy Skin - Normals [BlB Freckles] from Babysteps
Teeth: Teeth from Bad Seed Boutique
Nails: Meow Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Pose: Cheerful - Cheerful 1 from .click.
Playground equipment: Ahoy Playground from Snips & Snails 
(The Arcade - March 2015)
Balloon ride: Balloon Voyage from Plethora (The Liaison Collaborative)

Special thanks to Plethora


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