Tuesday, 28 April 2015

♥ Birthday Awesomeness ♥

A bit of a different post this one.. it's mostly for myself, so I can remember the day. So.. I thought.. why not make it a post?!

So... yesterday was my birthday in real life.. and my mummy made the day, I spent alone in real life, not suck!

Things started off poorly as my mummy had to do some work in world for her pose store, Dot Dot Dot.. and my sister was working in real life.. so, I was really bored and decided to work on my store Awwdorable too. At this point I started to get worried that the rest of the day would suck. I can happily say though, that it didn't!

I was told we were going to a restaurant in the evening.. so I was pretty excited, because I do love roleplay restaurants when they're done well.. but this actually turned out to be something just to throw me off the scent of what was really going to be happening! Sneaky!

Apparently my mummy had been planning things all secretive.. even sent out invites without my knowledge. 

My mummy then said she had a surprise before we went to the restaurant, so I was tped off to this surprise first. I arrive and realise we're at Magicland - the sim that's done to be like Disney World. I was really happy because I love it there and have been lots of times.. but then.. a parade starts! A birthday parade for me, with floats and everything.. amazing! Queen Elsa from Frozen was on one of the floats and greeted us. After the parade was over Queen Elsa appears! Ahh! Star struck! -Giggles- I didn't really know what to say, but luckily my sister, cousin and friend were on hand to bombard her with questions while I sit with my jaw on the floor. She stayed around and chatted with us for a bit before asking what we wanted to do.. if we wanted to go on any rides. 

Elsa then mentioned the new Tiki Room, so that intrigued me and off we went there (seeing as I've seen everything else there a whole bunch of times) The Tiki Room was pretty awesome.. I won't spoil it too much if you've not been (apparently it's been there for a little while now, but it's a relatively new attraction.. and they're working on updates to the park and adding new things - which is exciting - it could seriously do with a mesh overhaul!) Sadly my cousins sound didn't work for this ride, but even she said it was the best silent show she'd been to. The sound really makes it that much more awesome though, so hopefully she'll go back and check it out another time. 

After that we all piled into some boats, for the jungle ride.. my nanna had to sit in another boat with Queen Elsa as there wasn't enough room for us all in one! My sister and I were almost sprayed by a hippo.

Anyways, after Magicland.. mummy whisks me off to what I thought was going to be the restaurant. I arrive and everyone is all, "SURPRISE!" My mummy had only gone and got a separate piece of land and decorated it all out Alice in Wonderland style just for me! There was a huge tea party like table, where I had lots of presents (so spoiled!) Thank you to everyone who got me a present, some of which I've taken a picture of below. In the middle of the land was a cute teacup ride, so we all clambered into a cup and whizzed around for a bit. I felt dizzy after a while so I had to get out. We then played greedy until it was time for bed.

My mummy surprised me with a video before all of this, which I've linked to here (I wish I could embed it but it wasn't hosted on youtube). It was so lovely, it made me cry! I wish I had a real copy to hold onto forever and ever. Nobody has done anything like this for me before and it truly was the best part of the day. I keep watching it.. I love it. 

Thank you mummy for making my birthday awesome! Thank you to everyone who came or wished me Happy Birthday. You all rock! ♥

*Some pictures courtesy of my mummy - AKA I stole them from her facebook! 





Outfit: Yuko Outfit - Pink from Turducken
Hair: Hair Miki - ToddleeDoo - Blondes from *BABY*
Bracelet: Heart Bracelet 2 from Tikkels
Ring: Ice Cream Scoop Ring - Strawberry from tsg
Ring: Chewnicorn Ring - Pink from [tea.s]
Hanging Minion: 1-Eye Hangin Minion from SlingshotKidz
Llama: Lovely Little Llama - Snowsparkle from Half Deer
Giraffe: Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Angel from Half Deer
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Cupcake Bunny:[Cupcake Bunny] present from Sway's
Bookshelf: Let's Play Epic Books from ROOST
Wall cloud: Cloud Wall Decor - Pink from Alouette

Special thanks to: 
Mummy, Sis, Nanna, Grandpa, Zahra, Libby, Zoi, Taryn, Tony &
Queen Elsa


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