Monday, 6 April 2015

♥ Masked Sleeper ♥

I am so tired after these few days of Easter.. I've had my head in my English course and when I've not been doing that; I was packing up our belongings for when we move. Fortunately we have run out of masking tape for the moment, so packing has been put on hold until we get some more. I hope everyone had a good time whatever they were doing.. and hopefully it was a lot more relaxing!

Today I have an adorable original mesh crib from Bad Seed Boutique to show you, which is available at this final round of Woodlands. I'm showing off the pink version, as it was my favourite, but there are other colours to collect too: blue, lemon, mint and peach. There are 10 original poses in it too, which are so cute! I'm showing off just two of the ten poses.. but they are all lovely. It's such a pretty crib and I especially love the pillows. A lot of love and effort was put into this crib, I highly recommend it.

I'm showing off these epic animated masks from ToddleTeeZ too. They are available at this round of Hello Beautiful. Be sure to snap them up! See the last picture/gif to see how they move. They are all different and all have their own animation. I'm wearing the rare, which is my favourite one.. I seem to have a thing for rares being my fave. Anyways, they are super cute and unique.. you have to make sure at least one finds it's way into your inventory.

Lastly, these heart lights from Plethora I absolutely adore. They are called "Counting Hearts (Petals)" If you find they are too bright for you, simply edit them and turn down the glow like I did. You can even turn off the glow entirely if you choose to.

As always, full credits below.. and please click images to view them larger. 
Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Soft Kitty Onesie from Awwdorable
Hair: Dura-Baby*03(L-Pink) from Dura
Necklace: NEKOlace [Grey Tabby] from Half Deer
Bracelet: Conversation Trinket -Silver- XOXO from [tea.s]
Ring: Doughnut Ring from Yummy
Mask: Diva mask from ToddleTeeZ (Hello Beautiful - April 2015)
All other masks: wonky, Arrrggg, xoxo, Eye Love You, Flirty, shifty eyes, Sweet Dreams,Sparkling Dreams and Whatchu Talkin About from ToddleTeeZ 
(Hello Beautiful - April 2015)
Skin: Kandy Skin - Normals [BlB Freckles] from Babysteps
Teeth: Teeth from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: White Lace Sneaker Nails from Awwdorable 
(Hello Beautiful - April 2015)
Crib: Versailles Crib - Pink from Bad Seed Boutique 
(Woodlands - April 2015)
Lights: Counting Hearts (petals) from Plethora

Special thank to Bad Seed Boutique, ToddleTeeZ and Plethora


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