Friday, 24 April 2015

♥ What a Hoot ♥

Having been left to my own devices today I decided to have some play time with this adorable play gym from Aphrodite. This set is available at Room69 from the 1st of May. The set is called "My Sweet Baby Owl" Play Gym for babies and kids" and it's 20 prims - well, land impact if you're newer to SL. 
It's a really cute set and has tons of animations in it, some for just on your own and some for when a parent is with you. I'm being read a story in the last picture.. see! 
I love that some of the animations give you a prop to hold onto.. such as a book, or a stuffed owl.. or a block. 
This set will work with ToddleeDoo and prim babies (such as Zooby) however, it is worth noting that it won't change the babies stats.
Parents are able to use the parents animations.. carrying their baby prims and also play with the toys with them, or read to them, etc but the gyms wont move the prim babies by itself or change its stats. All animations work with ToddleeDoo or similar mesh avatars though.
Not only does it look cute, but each individual hanging owl moves and it plays a cute little tune too! Check out the gif and video at the end (video courtesy of Aphrodite). 

Outfit: Marie A Set B [royal] RARE from ugly duckling 
(Woodlands - April 2015)
Shoes: Fun Flops B [pink floral] from ugly duckling 
(The Playroom - April 2015)
Hair: Hair Miki - ToddleeDoo - Blondes from *BABY*
Crown: Queen Me - silver/pink crown from Tiny Trinkets
Binky: Rainbow Pink from Petite Bowtique
Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Cute) from Cute Poison
Earrings: Children's Starter Earrings from {Adore} (Woodlands - April 2015)
Bracelet: hand stamped bracelet - dream silver from .trinket.
Ring: Chewnicorn Ring - Pink from [tea.s]
Toe ring: Pink Princess Toe Ring from ToddleTeeZ
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Owl play gym: "My Sweet Baby Owl" Play Gym for kids & babies 

Special thanks to Aphrodite


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