Monday, 29 September 2014

♥ Goodbye to The Courtyard ♥

The Courtyard sadly came to a close, but at least it went out in style with a Princess themed party. I am really sad to see The Courtyard close, I know how much work Miss Libby Farleigh and my mummy put in to try to make it successful. I think they tried their hardest and it is truly gutting to see it go. It was one of those awful situations where I could see it happening and yet powerless to do anything to stop it. I tell you what though if someone dares complain to me that there is nothing for kids to do in Second Life I will probably lose it.. since The Courtyard was there and nobody came! The reason it closed was due to lack of interest.. which I don't understand at all, kids are always complaining they wish there was more out there for them.. it's done and nobody shows up. Sorry, I think I needed that mini rant! At least Brownies will still be running though (Yay!) and it will be running on my mummy's land. There will be no fee to join too (except for the uniform) so hopefully that might encourage new members to come give it a go. Fingers crossed!

For the closing party I wore this very pretty "Aurora" inspired dress from tinyOWL. I absolutely love tinyOWL gowns.. and although they're not mesh (and I usually dispise system clothing) they are the most sparkly pretty princess gowns out there for ToddleeDoo's. I hope tinyOWL comes out with some more dresses soon.. because I think I nearly own all of them now. 

The hair I'm wearing is called "Posy" and is from Truth and although it's rigged I think we can get away with it. The back of it goes up into a ponytail and despite coming away from the body a little it looks as if it's meant to be like that. I did, however, notice that my sister who is a kid ToddleeDoo didn't have a gap as big as mine.. so maybe the slight size difference helps. It still looks ridiculously cute though. I recommend trying the demo on first before buying so you can see what I mean.

Oh, I'm wearing a new skin too. I saw it and fell in love with it. It's from Bad Seed Boutique.. I think my skin choices are getting paler and paler.. pretty soon I'm going to be see-through. I tried on all the demos in there and the lovely Eeilee (owner of Bad Seed Boutique) was on hand and very helpful while I was there too. 

Also, I totally dared River to blog his dress he wore for the Princess party and he kept up his end of the bargain.. so I thought I'd blog mine too.

Outfit: Aurora Costume Blue from tinyOWL
Hair: Posy - light blondes from Truth
Tiara: Everyday Tiara - Pearl Heart from Maxi Gossamar
Necklace: Necklace - Twin Hears - Silver from Maxi Gossamar
Bracelet: Nautical Hand stamped bracelet - hold fast silver from .trinket.
Skin: Baby Mikki from Bad Seed Boutique
Teeth: OpenMouthPRO Basic and BabyTeeth Add on from PXL
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Pose: Cutesy - Cutesy 4 from .click.


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