Wednesday, 14 January 2015

♥ JC ♥

I'm back wearing the TweeneeDoo avatar from Cute Bytes today! Yay! You can grab your own at the "Hello Beautiful" event this month. There's even a male version. I get very excited when there are new avatars.. as that means more options for everyone.

Also really loving seeing more stuff emerge for this avatar. It's still very early days but already there's a few outfits and a couple of full perm items for TweeneeDoo. 
This particular outfit that I'm wearing is from Bad Seed Boutique and is simply awesome.. not only is it reasonably priced but it comes with a colour change HUD.. so if pink isn't your thing (like it is mine) then you can change the colour to a variety of different ones to suit your taste.. or change the colour of it daily! I'm wearing the small size.. which fits really well.

I'm also wearing the "Lacey" skin and shape from Bad Seed Boutique. This shape is the 10-12 year old one. What's good about this skin and shape set is that it takes you from 2 years old all the way up to 14. Perfect set for those who roleplay growing up.. or just for those of you who like to swap and change ages. 

Outfit: JC Outfit with HUD from Bad Seed Boutique
Hair: Posy - Light Blondes from Truth
Skin and shape: Lacey - Pale/Teeth and Lacey Tween Shape Age 10-12 from 
Bad Seed Boutique
Avatar: TweeneeDoo - Youngirl (v.0.1) from Cute Bytes 
(Hello Beautiful January 2015)
Nails: Sweet Treats Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
(Works for TweeneeDoo too!)
Pose: Classic - Classic 3 from .click.


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