Monday, 12 January 2015

♥ Unicorns I love them! ♥

I haven't blogged for a few days, I've been focusing a bit more on real life.. which is exhausting.. it's so much nicer when I don't worry about it, but I know I need to.

Well.. I can officially say now that I left my family. While it is sad that things happened how they did, I can't go back and change them and I know in my heart that there were things that weren't working how I'd have liked anyway. 
Will I be looking for a new family? No. Not right now. It doesn't seem right to do that after spending over a year with a family.. to just start fresh so soon. I spoke to a friend who said that many people would just start the search again, but I'm not like that.. don't think it's right. I would still feel the same even if I wasn't a kid avi.. and if I was a parent who had lost a kid in the family that had been with me for a long time there is no way I'd put up a panel looking again. I feel it would be disrespectful.. like you're trying to erase the memory of them immediately. I guess I'd wait at least a month or two before embarking on the whole process again otherwise it would just seem like I didn't care about them at all. Which is really harsh... and I did care about my family, so I'm not ready to look right now. 

Besides.. I'm focusing on real life, which means that I'm not as involved in things on Second Life as I have been.. guess it would be kind of pointless to start with a family not being on so much.. which is part of the reason that things with my family before ended. Things just move too fast in Second Life if you're not there.. it sucks. 

I've decided that forever family is a myth.. in a sense that none of the families that I've settled with have lasted like I hoped. Things always change, they get tired of me or real life happens.. or it just doesn't feel right. My advice to anyone looking for a forever family is this.. stop. Find a family, by all means.. but don't think it will last because it won't. Enjoy it while things are happy though.. just realise all good things do come to an end. There are the few families who do slip through the cracks and make it work no matter what.. kudos to them.

It's weird because those I consider forever family are not family.. they're just people I've met in Second Life. All of them were met through family, but no matter what the situation we always find each other again.

A good friend of mine fits into that category above and has been kind enough to let me stay with them, "The Roth Family". I've known them for what would seem like ages and no matter what avatar they use we always talk.. I'd not met his girlfriend before, but she accepted me straight away. Even made me this little house outside (pictured below, in the second picture) full of girly toys and things especially for me. She even went as far as baby proofing the lake behind by putting up a really cute fence. They have been lovely in taking me in and giving me much needed cuddles. They may even become my God Parents.. who knows. I'm so thankful that they pulled me out of the sandbox that I was squatting in. That makes it sound like I was pooping there.. I mean.. I had set it up as home, even though it was public. lol

Off of the family topic now and onto the main point of my post.. dun dun dun.. the outfit! A lot of my accessorising was done at this round of Collabor88. It's super cute over there with all the unicorn related stuff.. and well I do love unicorns so I couldn't resist.

I'm wearing an outfit from tiptoes. I've never bought from them before, but seen tons of cute stuff from them and since I had been so busy blogging for sponsors I hadn't had a chance to try them out.. until today! I love this cute pink dress with bows all over the bottom. It's such a complete outfit too, since it comes with shoes, hairband, tights and bracelet.. and it wasn't badly priced either. I will definitely be shopping there again!

Outfit: Pretty Bows - Pink from tiptoes
Hair: Celestia - Blonds from Tableau Vivant (Collabor88 January 2015)
Necklace: Unicorn Pendant - Pink from tsg (Collabor88 January 2015)
Bracelet: Unicute Charm Bracelet - Rainbow from tsg 
(Collabor88 January 2015)
Backpack: Chibi Alicorn Backpack (petal) from BOOM 
(Collabor88 January 2015)
Flying unicorn: Baby Winged Unicorn - Pink from MishMish 
(Collabor88 January 2015)
Skin: Little Beauty Pale from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Teeth: All I want for Christmas from Bad Seed Boutique
Nails: Pastel Cracked Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
(Hello Beautiful January 2015)
Pose: Cutesy 4 (m) - Cutesy from .click.


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