Sunday, 8 February 2015

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For those of you who don't know.. well.. I went back to my mummy. I had left because of changes and the fact that we never got to spend time together any more due to real life circumstances. I left thinking that I'd maybe find another family who had more time to spend on Second Life. But after I did leave.. it didn't feel right. I didn't even bother starting to search for another family, it upset me too much to think of myself with anyone else. I've never felt that before with any other family.. I missed my mummy too much. I asked to come back.. which, seeing what a complete idiot I was - she had every right to say no. I probably hurt her when I left and for that I'm eternally sorry. It turns out that I was allowed back though.. so yay! I'm so thankful of that. I missed her so much! I said that I would just accept that there were changes and if we didn't see each other much, then so be it.. I just needed her in my life again. So.. this post is dedicated to you mummy. ♥

I'm wearing a fab skin applier from Bad Seed Boutique again, called "Belle", this skin applier has many options! I've included a picture of the HUD again to show you the different options. The option I have on is the lashes one, because I do like to have pretty eyelashes! This particular applier comes in three different skin tones too: pale, peach and tan. I'm wearing the pale tone, I'm really digging pale tones at the moment.. quite a difference to my tanned stage I went through. It's to be noted that these appliers only work with mesh heads from Cute Bytes, like this one I have on called "Steady" 

I have on a fabulous robe from Minuet, which are available in a gatcha at The Play Room. It's an original mesh too and is just darling! Check out the little belt detail on the back! Super cute. The one I have on is a RARE but they are all adorable. I think these robes work perfectly for early mornings or evenings.. and will make for good pictures to reflect that.

I'm holding an awesome tray by dust bunny and windsong - which is available at this round of Chapter Four. It's very detailed and is perfect for this Valentines Day. Show those you care about with this surprise waiting for them. Mummy, this tray is for you! To show you how much I love you! I love you with all my butt! I would say heart, but my butt is bigger.. teehee! ♥

As always, full credits at the end of the post.. ooh and also please click the pictures to view them larger! If you go like my pictures on flickr too you'll have an extra special place in my butt.. I mean my heart! 

Happy shopping everyone! ♥ 

 Outfit: Cozy Robe - Antler - BABY RARE from Minuet 
(The Play Room - February 2015)
Hair: Hollis2_Lightblonde from +elua+ (Chapter Four - February 2015)
Head: Baby Mesh Head #1 - STEADY from Cute Bytes
Skin Applier: Belle Pale (Lashes option) from Bad Seed Boutique
Necklace: Tagged Necklace (Cute) from Cute Poison
Ring: Ice Cream Scoop Ring - Strawberry from tsg
Bracelet: Peace sign bracelets from .trinket.
Nails: Anti Heart Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
(Chapter Four - February 2015)
Suitcase Bears: Love Bears  - With you at the park - B/G 
from dust bunny & MishMish (Collabor88 - February 2015)
Pose: Custom by me (not for sale - sorry!)


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