Sunday, 1 March 2015

♥ Hello Beautiful - Round 5 - Part 2 ♥

Okay, so I lied.. I decided to do another post tonight. I'll continue tomorrow though! 

I'm wearing awesome eyes and wings from *BABY* which are available at this months "Hello Beautiful" You can change the wire of the wings with the HUD and resize them if you desire. The eyes come with regular and mesh versions.. with different size iris depending on your preference. I'm wearing the smallest one.

My shape and skin are also at this round of "Hello Beautiful" - they're called "Gwen Skin & Shape" and are from Sugar & Spice. This shape and skin set is absolutely adorable! I've already had compliments on it.. I was even asked if I was wearing a mesh head a couple of times. This skin set does come with a mesh head applier though, but I just wanted to show off the awesomeness of the shape without it today. Very cute!

Check out my epic ears from Tikkels! You can find these too at "Hello Beautiful" - if you haven't guessed already there's tons of awesome things to be found there. These ears come with a HUD, so you can play around and match up your skin with a little bit of fiddling. There's also a few preset skin tones if you don't fancy messing around too much. You can also change the little gems on the ears! So awesome! They don't come with an alpha though.. but I got around this by using one I already had for ears. On a mesh head you can just disable your ears though and not have to worry about the alpha issue.

I'm wearing another necklace from ToddleTeeZ! These are available at "Hello Beautiful" in a gatcha. The one I have on is "Love" and even says so on it. Many different ones to collect! They're sparkly and pretty. 

If you couldn't tell already I got a few bits from "The Arcade" - amazingly I've not stepped foot in there though. I've bought things from yardsales and off my friend ZoZo. Still managed to spend quite a bit though! Completed my MishMish collection, so I was happy getting the whole set of those adorable pugs.

Outfit: Jayla Pink from tinyOWL
Hair: Hair"Miu" (Type B) (Black amber) from D!va
Wings: Pretty Fairy Wings - PINK from *BABY* 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Ears: Mesh Ears from Tikkels (Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Eyes: Fairy Dreams Eyes from *BABY* (Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Necklace: Magical Dust Necklace - Love from ToddleTeeZ 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Skin and shape: Gwen Skin & Shape from Sugar & Spice 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Nails: Mermaid Nails ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable 
(Hello Beautiful - March 2015)
Doggy: Weenie - Pie from Silentsparrow (The Arcade - March 2015)
Stump: Spring Eternal - Tree Stump Chair - Starry from Half Deer 
(The Arcade - March 2015)
Piggy: [GARDEN FRIENDS] Cap'n Oink the Piglet from ISPACHI 

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