Saturday, 11 April 2015

♥ Bonjour Skunk ♥

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! 

My finger feels a little better today.. I discovered I had magnesium sulphate paste in my medicine cabinet (which I'd totally forgotten about) and so that's helping loads to draw out the infection.. hopefully it'll get rid of it and I'll be back to my usual self in no time.

I've not done much this weekend.. I've procrastinated a lot while playing The Sims 4. I had fun launching my sim into space over and over repeatedly. I was absolutely devastated when he crash landed and I had to spend money to rebuild his rocket. Lol. I need a life.

Anyways, onto this cute outfit I'm wearing.. I'm wearing a top from Fablehood, which is available at this round of Woodlands. There are several plain versions and a few different rares to collect, for both baby and kid ToddleeDoo avatars. I'm wearing the "Bonjour Floral RARE" This one is my favorite out of them all.. and it makes me laugh a lot because my mummy always goes, "Bonjour!" She told me to include that in my post. 

I have on adorable "Versailles Boots" from Bad Seed Boutique, which are also available at this round of Woodlands. They fit baby and kid ToddleeDoo's! I'm wearing the cute pink shade, but they also come in: white, mint, lemon, blue and hot pink. A perfect little boot that will go with a lot of outfits. I've accessorised them with bow socks from Bad Seed Boutique too - which just go together I think.

In the last picture I have on hilarious cross eyes from Tic Tot Toe.. these funny eyes are available at this round of Hello Beautiful. Lots of different colours to choose from, but I've opted to show off the blue ones today. These are great for those funny photos!

Also in the last picture I'm wearing "Cupcakes On My Head - Colors RARE" from tiptoes, which are just perched on top of my head. These are available at this round of Woodlands.. be sure to snap them up! Everyone needs a cupcake from time to time!

I am loving this new hair from *BABY* This one is called "Sarah" and is rigged for ToddleeDoo's. I'm excited to see what other styles get released!

Look at these adorable skunks from MishMish which can be picked up at this round of Collabor88. The one on top of my head nibbling on my cupcakes is animated.. and the one on my arm is static. They come with decorative ones sniffing flowers too.. which is pretty cute. I'm loving the backpack, the HUD changes the colour of it! It was easy to resize too, just stretch it. There wasn't anything else there that I liked either apart from these.. a little disappointing this round for kids.. luckily the skunks more than made up for it.

Quick note on my skin.. although isn't available anymore.. if you're looking for a similar look Pink Fuel has one called "Doll V2" that's pretty close to this skin.

Special thanks to my cousin, Zahra (co-owner of ToddleTeeZ), for making my new shape for me. I forgot to mention that last post! She rocks! 
Happy shopping everyone! ♥ 

Shirt: Bonjour Floral baby RARE from Fablehood (Woodlands - April 2015)
Shorts: Shorts White from Petite Bebe
Socks: Bow socks - Pink Bow Socks from Bad Seed Boutique
Shoes: Versailees Boot/Pink from Bad Seed Boutique 
(Woodlands - April 2015)
Hair: Hair Sarah - ToddleeDoo - Blondes from *BABY*
Skin: No longer available - was from Bad Seed Boutique
Eyelashes: Eyelashes V2 from Little Pixels
Nails: Ice Cream nails from Enchanted Bowtique 
(Hello Beautiful - April 2015)
Skunks: Punk Skunk - Pink from MishMish (Collabor88 - April 2015)
Skunk backpack: Punky Skunk Backpack from MishMish 
(Collabor88 - April 2015)
Pose: Sassy - Sassy 1 from .click.
Pose: Sassy - Sassy 5 from .click.

Eyes: Crossed Eyes (Blue) from Tic Tot Toe (Hello Beautiful - April 2015)
Cupcakes: Cupcakes On My Head - Colors RARE from tiptoes 
(Woodlands - April 2015)
Tongue: Heart Sticker - Tongue from Little Nerds
Pose: Innocence - Innocence 4 from .click.


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