Thursday, 7 May 2015

♥ Cool Cat ♥

I think I missed my calling as a boy blogger! It was so easy.. I usually have to edit so much on my pics as a girl - as a boy, I didn't have to do half as much. I didn't even have to mess with my eyelashes. Is it weird I think I make a decent boy?! 

Anyways, this epic boy look is courtesy of the following stores.. Bad Seed Boutique and ToddleTeeZ. Without them exploring my boy side wouldn't of happened, so thanks!

So.. I'm wearing an awesome skin and shape set from Bad Seed Boutique, called Bart. You can pick yours up at this current round of Hello Beautiful. It comes in a variety of different tones too! I'm wearing the peach one. I'm drawn to lighter skin tones lately (which is a lot different considering how tanned I used to be in the early days!) It has a few options included too.. everything from dimples, to freckles, to tears. The shape is completely modifiable too, so if you want to tweak it to suit you better then you can! I love that when you get a modifiable shape with a skin, because it gives you a chance to be a little different with your shape, cos not everyone wants to look the same, right? It's a must have skin and shape set for you boys! 

How cool are these "Cool Cat" outfits from ToddleTeeZ? If you're going to be a boy, be a stylish boy! I feel very cool and funky.. and like I totally own the sim I was taking these pictures on. Of course I don't actually own the sim I was on.. I just thought it looked pretty. Oh, wait.. trying to be a boy.. umm.. it looked.. umm.. good. Is that better? I'm not very good at this boy personality thing. Anyways, they come in blue, green, red and white.. I couldn't choose which one I liked best as I think I rock them all - so I'm showing all of them! Go over and grab them boys.. or for you girls who prefer a more tomboy-ish look then these would totally work! I personally think they're awesome and any little guy wearing these would be one cool dude in my book.

Please click the images for a larger version. Happy shopping everyone! ♥

Outfit: Cool Cat in Blue, Green, Red, White from ToddleTeeZ
Shoes: Supa High Tops Ruf Black from Baby Swag
Hair: MINATO  from Argrace (Group Gift)
Skin and shape: Bart/Peach from Bad Seed Boutique 
(Hello Beautiful - May 2015)
Nails: French Manicure - 1 -ToddleeDoo from Awwdorable
Poses: Innocence (used a few different ones from the pack) from .click.

Special thanks to Bad Seed Boutique and ToddleTeeZ


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