Thursday, 14 May 2015

♥ Princess Sofia Party Set ♥

A bit different from my usual posts.. this one is focusing on furniture/decor.

I'm showing off this adorable "Princess Sofia" party set from Aphrodite. It has lots of bits and pieces in the set.. and most of it you are able to click to receive it to eat/drink! The cake has lots of different cake pieces to choose from.. yum, yum! There's lots of party food options.. including: sweet sandwiches, royal sandwiches, princess burgers, chicken, princess crown lollies, princess shoe cookies, princess cookies, chocolate castles.. and then wash it all down with either a lemonade or a coke. 
I wish this had been available when it was my birthday! I love it. You even get the table cloth and the pretty flower arches behind it. It's not actually on a table.. but you can't tell I don't think. Such a cute little set for a birthday party for those special little Princess' out there.

Happy shopping everyone! ♥

"Princess Sofia" complete set with cake, cookies & more from Aphrodite

Special thanks to Aphrodite


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